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Loft Depre

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Residential-Complex. Moscow. 126 sq. m.

For a major developer, KR Properties, we created a project design for apartments in the VIP condo building Depre. The structure was built by Camille Philippe Depre at the turn of the 1900s; therefore the interior design had to take into account the olden architecture and building features.

Goals: To create the apartment project design for the major developer KR Properties that would take into account the constructional features of the historic building built by Camille Philippe Depre at the turn of the 1900s while emphasizing the olden architecture. To take advantage of the abundance of arches and columns and to maximize the use of space.

Solution: For the first few floors of the building, where the large apartments are located, we proposed the idea of a “historical loft”. This allowed us to actively use the non-standard building arches in the design and to take advantage of the window arrangement. Having uncovered the original brickwork, we emphasized the authenticity of the building, elegantly combining this with a loft style.

V.S. Residence
Project V.S. Residence