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Sea Symphony

Residential complex. Sochi. 66 601 sq.ft.


Apart-hotel. Sochi. 55 774 sq.ft

New Jersey house

House. New Jersey. 525 sq. ft.

Millennium Park

House. Moscow. 2789 sq. ft.


House. Moscow. 1083 sq. ft.

Song of Porcelain and Lace

Apartments. Moscow. 125 sq. m.

Marble Venus

Collection of marble furniture

Grand Royal Residences

Apart-hotel. Sochi. 4 252 sq.m.

Sapiens Est Kitchen & Bar

Gastrobar. Moscow. 173 sq. m.

Apart-Hotel 5* Matisse

Landscaping. Sochi. 389 sq. m.

White Resort

Apart-hotel 1st building. Sochi. 2 500 sq. m.

Cafe Varvara

Restaurant. Moscow. 130 sq. m.

Apart-Hotel 5* Matisse

Apart-hotel. Sochi. 4 300 sq. m.

Connection Cafe

Cafe. Moscow. 250 sq. m.

Apart-Hotel Grey

Apart-Hotel 4th building. Sochi. 1898 sq. m.

Mon Cher Hotel

Boutique Hotel. Sochi. 2 060 sq. m.

The Beige Residence Hotel

Apart-Hotel. Sochi. 1 123 sq. m.

White River

Apartment. Moscow. 126 sq. m.

I’m Tverskaya ECO LUXE

Residential complex. Moscow. 14 000 sq. m.

Kitchen & Milk

Café-Confectionary. Moscow. 60 sq. m.

Magnificent Gray

Apartment. St. Petersburg. 131 sq. m.

I’m Tverskaya ART DECO

Residential complex. Moscow. 14 000 sq. m

Wood Food

Food court. Moscow. 239 sq. m.

Old Tolyatti Hotel

Hotel. Tolyatti. 14 600 sq. m.

Leaf and Steel

Cafe. Moscow. 220 sq. m.

Restaurant Old Tolyatti

Restaurant. Tolyatti. Area: 330 sq. m.

Sense of Forest

Restaurant. Moscow. 210 sq. m.

Intercom Business

Business Center. Moscow. 310 sq. m.

I’m Tverskaya CLASSIC

Residential complex. Moscow. 14 000 sq. m

Ramada Hotel & Spa

Leisure area. Kislovodsk. 350 sq. m.

V.S. Residence

Club Hotel. Moscow. 526 sq. m.

Loft Depre

Residential-Complex. Moscow. 126 sq. m.

Green Food

Cafe. Moscow. 160 sq. m.


Residential-Complex. Moscow. 76 sq. m.

Old Tolyatti

Banquet hall. Tolyatti. 500 sq. m.

Crimean Cuisine

Restaurant. Moscow. 125 sq. m.

Italian Quarter

Apartment. Moscow. 126 sq.m.

Park Casino Sunrise

Park. Alushta. 850 sq. m.


Apartment. Moscow. 76 sq.m.