About us

About us

What are we doing

Architectural Bureau "Golden Heads"

Golden Heads is a team of professionals creating commercially successful HoReCa spaces around the world.

Our design is always a meaningful concept, reflecting the philosophy and goals of your brand.

We sincerely believe that design today is one of the main factors of business success. Every day we improve to create the perfect project for our customers.

Anastasia Kaspary
“We thank each of our customers for their precious experience and the heights we took.”
Anastasia Kaspary Founder of "Golden Heads" Architectural Bureau


We strive to create spaces that combine beauty and efficiency. To help our customers find the best business solutions and simply create interiors that they want to return to again and again.


We are sure that design is a business tool that works for its prosperity. The concept should control the attention and emotions of the visitor. Therefore, in each of our projects, we focus on the goals and needs of the client. We combine individuality, beauty, and functionality, making the design project a profitable investment.


The design concept of the project always follows the product that the business offers and takes into account its visual characteristics. First of all, we study the needs and goals of the client. Arranging work on a project as a business process, we achieve clarity of terms and declared results. With each object, we learn, grow, study new technologies, and get acquainted with new solutions.


Our team

Kaminsky Lily
Architecture and design is my passion. I feel an incredible thrill when I can look at the completed project. In every detail, I see the path from the sketch to the realized interior.
Kaminsky Lily Architect
Efimenko Liza
It is not hard to see our strengths and be one step ahead of the competition with our projects.
Efimenko Liza Marketing
Volkova Olga
The architect is responsible not only for the appearance of the building, but for the future life of its inhabitants and guests. I think of people when I work on my drawings.
Volkova Olga Architect
Yanina Yulia
3D visualization is an opportunity to see the future interior, therefore realism is so important in it. When working on interior visualizations, with my rendering I always strive to convey the image that the customer will see in the future.
Yanina Yulia CG Artist
Konuhov Artemiy
Attention to even the most insignificant at first glance details is what I consider important in my work. Very often It is the details that determine the image, comfort and functionality of the space.
Konuhov Artemiy Architect
Pyrskaya Marina
A clear and structured approach to each project helps in the implementation of the creative ideas of our team. I love order in everything and I think that without a clear thought-out plan it is impossible to build a beautiful interior.
Pyrskaya Marina Chief Operating Officer
Terekhova Anastasia
The most pleasant thing in my work is to see how the drawings turn into completed projects. Choose materials, combine textures and colors, help customers to meet the budget without compromising on beauty and quality.
Terekhova Anastasia Supplier Relationship Manager
Perepelitsa Maria
I am convinced that in order to create a true author’s interior, the designer needs to tune in with the customer. The designer is called upon to understand the customer and realize his wishes in the interior, using his skill and sense of style.
Perepelitsa Maria Designer

Our achievements

more than 15 years of work
more than 150 completed
more than 50 publications
in the international media
Many of our projects, after coordination with customers, were published in world-famous magazines on architecture, design, and interior.

Including the 4 most elite international media.