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Old Tolyatti

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Banquet hall. Tolyatti. 500 sq. m.

In 2016, the Golden Heads architectural bureau won a tender to develop a design concept for a hotel in Tolyatti. After a thorough analysis of the input data, investor goals and budget data, the architects of Golden Heads Bureau proposed a modern and very recognizable design concept.

Goals: To maintain the restaurant design in the same style as the hotel. To allow simultaneous servicing of hotel guests and guests from the city. To provide for the use of a banquet hall.

Solution: We chose a calm color palette similar to the hotel design. The restaurant space was divided into two separate areas. The back part of the restaurant is separated by curtains that convert it into a separate room for small banquets so that any incoming flow of guests does not interfere with celebrations. The back space is equipped with a convertible stage that can be used during events. During breakfast hotel guests occupy the tables in the back of the room while buffet tables are situated in the center between the two areas, visually separating the breakfast area from the rest of the restaurant. The serving space is located exactly between the two areas, which allows optimal service for both zones.

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