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Apart-Hotel 5* Matisse

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Apart-hotel. Sochi. 4 300 sq. m.

For a major developer, the Sokol Group, we created the project of interior design for a premiere apart-hotel located in the very center of Sochi’s resort life alongside such hotels as Pullman, Hyatt Regency, and Marins Park Hotel.

Goals: To create the project design for a premiere apart-hotel, emphasizing a connection between the general concept of the complex with the work of the artist Henri Matisse. To fit in a relatively limited space the necessary features for full-fledged apartments without harming the aesthetic component. To create a landscape project design for the enclosed territory of the complex. To develop places for relaxation and provide convenient navigation in the area.

Solution: In designing the lobby’s interior, we introduced motifs characteristic of Matisse’s works. Thus the waves that often appeared on the artist’s canvases adorn the frieze and are the main motif of the marble floor mosaic. The deep blue color fairly often found in the master’s works makes the black and white marble pattern more prominent. In decorating the reception area, we selected imagery from one of Matisse’s most famous paintings – Blue Nude. Calm tones pervade the apartment interiors, which we tinted with the deep vibrant blue often found on the canvases of the great artist. Natural wood and a golden overtone complement the interior, shifting emphasis to the bed. Thanks to the furniture we designed, we succeeded in using every millimeter of space to create the ideal balance between utility and living space.

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