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Marble Venus

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Collection of marble furniture

As part of the international building and interior exhibition, we presented our collection of marble furniture. It included coffee tables, shelving, floor lamps, console, folding screens and mirrors.

MATERIALS: Marble, glass, gilding.

CONCEPT: This is a story about every woman. For millennia, society has carved a statue out of her, like a marble maker. Everything superfluous was cut off from a woman, like from a stone slab – ambition, education, the right to choose. Then she was polished with the “correct” settings: “Girls do not fight”; “You are a real woman only if you have children”; “You are weaker.” She was to become a functional home decoration, a convenient accessory.

But Marble is not born a statue, nor is a woman born a silent addition to the house. Marble is a noble stone, whose true beauty is enclosed inside, it does not need additional polishing. When a stone breaks at the hand of an inept stonecutter or sculptor, its true nature emerges. An uneven, rough but beautiful soul is exposed, revealing the true essence.

Like marble, even the strongest woman can break, passing through the difficulties and pressures of the modern world.

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