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Apart-Hotel 4th building. Sochi. 1898 sq. m.

For one of the buildings of the apartment complex “Luchezarniy” located in the resort area of Sochi we were faced with creating not only a project design for the apartments but also a lounge area on the open access roof.

Goals: To create several interior designs for studios and two room apartments. To fit all the necessary features into a limited space while maintaining the comfort and attractiveness of the interior. To plan the project design for the terrace lounge area on the accessible roof of the structure while using the existing building area to its maximum potential.

Solution: The hotel rooms were designed in a soothing color range. Regardless of the number of rooms, we managed to accommodate all the features through the use of project specific furniture developed according to our diagrams. The open access roof was divided into 6 decks of varying sizes. Each deck includes two functional areas: a leisure area, in which sun loungers and sofas are located, as well as a dining area fully equipped with appliances and furniture for cooking. According to the project, the decks were not to be covered, and so we used weather resistant materials. Thus the main material was teak, which is usually used in the building yachts and thus emphasized a theme of relaxing at sea.

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